Double Open Market Pilot

Double Open has entered the market pilot phase

25 Apr, 2022

Double Open is open source compliance as a service. We have the expertise to provide both technical support for the implementation and use of the OSS Review Toolkit (ORT) and legal support for the creation and maintenance of the policies and rules necessary for compliance automation.

During the Double Open market pilot, we intend to help end-users to automate open source compliance with ORT and will provide technical and legal services, along with support, to this end. In addition to ORT-supported package managers, we are able to support Yocto embedded Linux build systems in the same process. Fully automated systems for license compliance have not yet been developed, but we strive to automate most of the manual work required.

Our development philosophy is openness. You can follow the development of the product on our GitHub page. The tools we use are open source, on top of which we develop our own code, also open source and available on our GitHub page, to integrate the different parts and stages of the compliance process so that the end-user is able to benefit from an end-to-end solution for open source license compliance.

The Double Open tool and service are built at HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law, whose lawyers have deep expertise in open source compliance. The development of Double Open has also involved consultation with the industry and the open source ecosystem at large.

If you or your office are interested in learning more about the Double Open service, please get in touch by emailing We are also likely to conduct a market survey later to further examine the licensing compliance needs of companies of all sizes, so stay tuned.