Project Update

What's going on currently

14 Mar, 2019

The Double Open project is divided into 7 work packages. Here is a short summary of where we are right now.

  • Work Package 1: Background Survey

    • The first publication of Double Open, the Double Open Landscape Survey. Our sizable but non-exhaustive list attempts to identify relevant open source initiatives, FOSS and commercial open source compliance tools as well as development tools and technologies along with a short summary of the FOSS-licensed tools. The publication is not meant to be static but rather live with the project, getting updates throughout the project duration.
    • To accumulate real life factual background information, Double Open launched a short Ecosystem Survey, which is still open. More information can be found from Pit Stop Results of Double Open Short Ecosystem Survey 2019.
    • We will further cover testing and evaluation of some selected FOSS tools and reporting based on the results. We will also be reporting the results of the Double Open Short Ecosystem Survey 2019. We strive to have the second phase of our publication completed in late March or early April.
  • Work Package 2: Enterprise User Voice

    • Here we focus on the practical needs of some enterprise users (headquartered in Finland). The idea is to understand the current pain points and solutions in order for Double Open to be well positioned to promote a joint big picture alignment with international stakeholders and to plan a proof of concept both addressing the pain points of enterprise users and in alignment with other actors in the field.
    • We have completed one service modelling session and are preparing another.
  • Work Packages 3 – 6:

    • to be worked on later. The project runs until 30 June 2020.
  • Work Package 7: Ecosystem communications, competence development etc.

    • An important part of the Double Open project is to reach out to other projects and discuss and co-ordinate activities with others. The best result from Double Open can be achieved only if many players internationally embrace the same or similar approach.
    • There is a lot of activity in the field and a great willingness to collaborate and co-ordinate. We have discussed with different stakeholders, mostly those based in Europe, but also elsewhere. We are happy to engage with others and share our own approach. We have received important input e.g. from OSS-based-compliance-tooling group and the related sharing-creates-value project.
    • Remember to keep your eyes on our website