Results of the Short Ecosystem Survey 2019

Double Open Short Ecosystem Survey 2019 results have been published

3 Oct, 2019

Double Open has published the survey results for the Short Ecosystem Survey 2019. The purpose of the survey was to explore the potential direction of the software industry and open source compliance. By reaching out to several compliance-related communities, we achieved in getting answers from a group of persons within the industry who represent an interesting insight into the tooling used in and in relation to open source compliance. 61 per cent of the sample group was organizations with over 1000 employees. Large organizations are de facto influential in the OSS industry and also the ones with the most need for open source compliance.

Results show that the FOSS tools that received high amounts of mentions from the whole ecosystem are Fossology, ScanCode and SPDX toolkit. These have existed for a long time and have established themselves as primary tools in OSS compliance. Besides, the tools have had the possibility to improve over time to better serve the people and organizations who use them. Also, OSS Review Toolkit (ORT) got several replies even though it has not officially been published. ORT is one of the most automated compliance tools at the moment and will be interesting for the Double Open project.

To review the results of the survey yourself head to the Ecosystem Survey 2019.

With the conclusion of the survey also the new version of the living report of Double Open, the has been updated. It includes a short summary of the survey and the Voice-of-Customer workshops carried out by the Double Open project.