Double Open Project Spun Off to Double Open Oy

Double Open Oy has been established as an independent company

15 Oct, 2023

We’re proud to announce the establishment of Double Open Oy and spinning off the Double Open project from HH Partners to Double Open Oy. The target for the first year of operation is to build a scalable software product and pilot it with a growing number of pilot customers. The development will continue in Github, publicly available on GitHub.

We have secured the initial funding and the necessary resources for the target and will continue to build the team.

The Double Open project has been a research project at HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law, Ltd since its start in 2018. The research showed wide need for a component analysis solution, and showed several under-served technologies. Further it showed that a commercial service could theoretically fulfil these needs. A market pilot carried by HH Partners in 2022-2023 showed that a practical solution can be implemented. However, a scalable product is needed. HH Partners started developing a scalable solution in the summer of 2023 which resulted in spin-off to Double Open Oy during autumn 2023.